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Davis Health System urges parents to schedule well child visits before school year starts

ELKINS — As the new school year approaches, Davis Health System is urging parents and guardians to schedule well child visits. These comprehensive check-ups are vital for ensuring that students are healthy, up to date on vaccinations, and prepared for the upcoming academic year.

“Well child visits are an opportunity for us to partner with parents in supporting their child’s health and development. By ensuring that children are up to date on vaccinations and screenings, we can help them stay healthy and perform their best in school,” said Davis Medical Center Pediatrician Amanda Pennington, MD.

The well child examinations include administering necessary immunizations to protect against preventable diseases, conducting physical exams to assess overall health, growth, development, and performing behavioral and developmental assessments. They also address chronic health concerns through referrals to specialists and medication refills as needed.

According to Dr. Pennington, sports physical forms can be completed during the examination. “We encourage parents to make these appointments early to avoid the rush,” she added.

Well child visits can be scheduled at any of the following Davis Health System locations:

– Davis Medical Center, 304-637-3948
– Buckhannon Medical Center, 304-472-1600
– Broaddus Family Care, 304-457-1760
– Webster Memorial Hospital, 304-847-5682
– The Cowen Clinic, 304-226-3150

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