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W.Va. Health Department urges parents to prioritize Well Child Visits

CHARLESTON – The West Virginia Department of Health is urging parents to keep their children updated on Well Child Visits, emphasizing their importance for children’s growth and development.

Well Child Visits serve as a crucial method for healthcare professionals in West Virginia to monitor the health and proper development of children. These visits offer parents and guardians regular chances to consult pediatricians, ask questions, and raise any concerns. The purpose of these check-ups is to ensure preventive medical care and address any health issues detected during the screenings. They also facilitate access to statewide services like Birth to Three for further assistance.

Scheduled from as early as one week after birth through to the age of 21, these visits are vital. Babies should have seven Well Child Visits within their first year of life and ten by the age of two. The schedules are set in accordance with guidelines from health authorities, including the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

“These health checks are essential to making sure our children are growing as they should, and that we are addressing any issues in their development as early as possible,” said Department of Health Secretary Sherri Young, D.O., MBA, FAAFP. “We want to provide every child the opportunity to live a healthy life, and starting early is the key.”

Dr. Young recommends using the summer months, when family schedules are typically more flexible, to plan these health checks and secure early appointments for back-to-school immunizations.

Well Child Visit screenings encompass a wide array of assessments, including laboratory tests, vision and hearing checks, developmental screenings, physical exams, immunizations, oral health evaluations, and health education.

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