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The WVU Medicine Children's Birthing Center Team

WVU Medicine Children’s Birthing Center has record year for births

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The WVU Medicine Children’s Birthing Center set a record for the most births in one year with 2,611 deliveries in 2023.

“The staff at the Birthing Center work relentlessly to make families feel cared for, supported, and safe,” Sarah McCollester, M.D., co-director of labor and delivery at WVU Medicine Children’s, said. “We recognize the enormous faith placed in each of us in allowing us to be a part of this pivotal life experience. We are honored to be shepherds in this process, guiding families from the antenatal through postpartum period. We all care so much for our patients and their families.”  

The previous record was 2,356 births in 2021, which was before WVU Medicine Children’s moved into its current location. 

The Birthing Center offers family-centered care in a space that best meets the needs of laboring women and new mothers. Its 17 labor and delivery rooms were designed to create a spa-like atmosphere and a calming environment. The Birthing Center also features in-unit operating rooms for cesarean deliveries. 

Once the baby is born, mothers and their newborns can stay together in the Birthing Center’s private inpatient rooms. 

“People come to WVU Medicine for pregnancy care for peace of mind. WVU Medicine Children’s offers mothers a comprehensive safety net for families to know that they are covered, no matter what happens in their pregnancy,” Dr. McCollester said. 

“If they have underlying medical problems or develop complications in their pregnancy, our Maternal-Fetal Medicine clinicians are here to safely guide them through their pregnancy to provide them with the best outcome. We have a group of amazing midwives that can offer low-intervention care in an environment where physicians and neonatologists are present, just in case unexpected problems arise. Our obstetricians and nursing staff are available at the Birthing Center 24/7 to ensure that any delivery complication can be rapidly managed, keeping moms and babies safe.”

WVU Medicine Children’s continues to care for babies after birth with a team of pediatricians and pediatric specialists, who provide neonatal care for both healthy newborns and those with complex medical needs. 

“Pregnancy and the birth of a child is one of the most meaningful and intimate experiences in a person’s life,” McCollester said. “Helping a family to bring their child safely into this world never loses its magic. It is truly an honor that families continue to trust us to allow them to shepherd them through this moment in their lives.” 

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